Group Consultations

One Thornton Heath Primary Care Network are offering Video Group Consultations to provide support to people with Type 2 diabetes or Hypertension.

The session is a 90 minute virtual group (on Microsoft Teams) with 4-8 patients, a facilitator and a doctor.

What happens in a Video Group Consultation?

  • Discuss your test results
  • Answer your questions
  • Provide important advice on the management of your condition

What are patients saying?

“I found the session very useful. The most useful part was hearing others peoples experiences and problems and seeing my test results in perspective against the group”

“I found this video call so much better than a 10 minute consultation with a GP as other participants asked questions I may not have thought to ask… the video call more than exceeded my expectations”

“90% of people would recommend the session to family and friends.”

What are the benefits of video group consultation?

  • Video group consultations give you more options for the support you need.
  • People find that video group consultations give them more time for questions and discussion with the clinician.
  • They also provide the chance to learn from other people’s experiences.

If you are interested in joining a session or for more information please contact Luciana Castorina on or call 07704560397.